Women with Plastic

Rowden July 2019

July 2019 Women Forward Development with Plastic


Rowden July 2019

• How you play should be simple to learn

Table Tennis as an Extreme Martial Art

Rowden May 2019

There are a few extreme martial arts, where the most simple techniques of a number of fighting skills are refined and combined to form a very basic and direct lethal form; modern Arnis with Remy Presas is one, Krav Maga, the Israeli semi-military form another.

Speed in Context

Rowden April 2019

• A component of physical fitness
• The inner structure of speed is significantly different from other components of physical fitness such as strength and endurance

Home Truths

Rowden April 2019

• Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them

Coach and Player

Rowden April 2019


• Hate everyone who says you can’t do something or it can’t be done

Game Management -- Seminar

Rowden April 2019

‘The ability to adapt and to be effective, whatever the style of the opponent’.
There are 3 main areas to consider:

Message to All

Rowden April 2019

May your great sport excite your heart.
Kindle in your mind a creativity
To journey beyond the old limits
Of all that has become wearisome.


Rowden March 2019

Success at the highest levels doesn’t always demand raw effort. The effort-intensive approach can work well with some sports but not with others.

8 Prime Points

Rowden March 2019

• Table tennis is all about CONTROLLING the play (basically being consistent) until you can win the point by some form of CHANGE (more power, speed or spin, better placement or angles, softer, shorter balls etc). These combinations of change whatever they may be, are the way our game is going to develop.

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