Message to All

Rowden April 2019

May your great sport excite your heart.
Kindle in your mind a creativity
To journey beyond the old limits
Of all that has become wearisome.


Rowden March 2019

Success at the highest levels doesn’t always demand raw effort. The effort-intensive approach can work well with some sports but not with others.

8 Prime Points

Rowden March 2019

• Table tennis is all about CONTROLLING the play (basically being consistent) until you can win the point by some form of CHANGE (more power, speed or spin, better placement or angles, softer, shorter balls etc). These combinations of change whatever they may be, are the way our game is going to develop.

The LTAD Model

Rowden March 2019

There are according to sports scientists, critical periods in an athlete’s career when the effects of training can be optimised and LTAD focuses on these key moments in order to maximise the individual’s development.

Science of the Women's Game

Rowden November 2018

Women have always played closer to the table than men and have always had less spin than men. With the best women players in the world (over the last 6 decades always from Asia) speed has invariably been prioritised over spin.

What is Athletic Toughness?

Rowden 2018

Just what qualities make or mar the top athlete?

Coach Maturity

Rowden August 2018

Too many coaches at all levels seem to put their own interests before those of the player.


Rowden July 2018

The prime goal of any athlete is to achieve maximum performance even under the extreme pressures of high level competition. You require your body to do what it’s capable of doing whether it’s a routine training session or the final of a world event.


Rowden June 2018

Power is not only what you have, it’s also a matter of what the opponent thinks you have!

Game Management

Rowden March 2018

In our sport it’s not necessarily the best player who always wins. It is the player who manages the game best and who is able to adapt and change to cope with differing opponents and situations.

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