Training Tips

Rowden April 2017

● Every practice session should be tough and should extend your limits. In this way when you play matches it becomes easier

● In training you should work until you’re tired, then you learn to focus, concentrate and to maintain your willpower at a higher level when you would normally be fading because of fatigue
● In all training there should be a culture of work-rate and an intention to improve and learn even if it’s only learning more about yourself and what you can achieve
● Don’t settle for being a one-dimensional player. Let your individual characteristics flower and especially in the women’s game bear in mind there are many more routes to top level. There should be more focus on the individual you
● It’s not the sparring that is of the utmost importance. Direction is the prime directive; how you are going to attain full potential, what alternatives do you need against differing styles and how quickly can you recognize and adapt to change in tactics? Table tennis is all about change and how you cope with this.
● Your style of performance should be tailored to the ‘whole’ you. Does it embrace what you do best technically, do you have the suitable physical attributes and is it mentally the way you really want to play?
● Rather than talent it is purposeful practice and the intensity of effort and exertion that distinguishes the best from the rest