The Windscreen

Rowden December 2020

The windscreen is rather more important than the rear view mirror.

That's why it's much larger and constructed in such a way as to make it very easy for you to always see exactly where you are going. Of course you need to look into your rear view mirror occasionally, but if you focus on this too much and/or forget everything else, you'll end up hurting yourself and almost certainly others too.
In life too many people spend too much time looking backwards instead of forwards. If you focus on the past and previous failures or disasters, you are unlikely to have a high success rate in the future. To achieve your potential your mind needs to be focused on what you want to do and where you want to go. What you are ardently fixated on and what you think about most, are what your mind and core being will assist you in bringing into reality. If you are constantly mired deeply in all the negativity around you and in the media and in addition surround yourself with 'friends' who constantly bring you down and tell you that you are unlikely to get anywhere in life, your chances of realising your potential vanish very rapidly.
The windscreen shows where you are heading, not where you have been. Have the full attention looking forwards towards a bright future, this focuses the mind in the right direction for you to realise your goals.