Ask Yourself

Rowden Fullen 2000

Players who are in control of themselves, of what they are doing and of the situation they are in, usually perform better. The players, who are best able to adapt to new situations and circumstances, are almost always those who have a good understanding of themselves and their capabilities.

  • Do you know that how you feel is going to determine how you perform?
  • Can you use you feelings constructively and turn these into a positive winning weapon?
  • What are you thinking about when you play? Does this differ when you are playing well or when you are playing badly?
  • Do you believe in your own ability to cope with most situations and to ignore those aspects over which you have no control?
  • Which situations do you find it hardest to cope with?
  • Do you judge your performance after you have trained or competed?
  • Do you always give 100% and do you do it for your own sake?
  • Are you aware that stress management is a vital ability if you are to reach the top?
  • Do you understand that the more honest you are with yourself, the better your chances of turning mental situations to your advantage?
  • Do you understand that many mental aspects cannot be changed overnight? You must take the long-term approach.
  • Do you understand that even the things you are best at now, must change and develop if you are to progress and succeed in the future?

How can you develop better control of yourself?

Which persons can help you in this?

Have you role models, which you can look up to in this respect?

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