Attitude and Doubt

Rowden August 2019

• Doubt is in your mind, just a question of thought, change it
• The more you doubt, the more progress is crippled
• Doubt starts in the mind, but is then transferred to and takes over the body

• As you think, so you are
• To stay on the right track, think more work rate, persistence and self-belief
• Anything is possible attitude
• Have the right people around you, the negativity of others erodes your belief
• Bear age in mind, the young often doubt and need to learn self-belief
• Skills and attitudes in areas of your life where you are confident, are transferable to other areas where you aren’t
• Remember each player is an individual and relate success to your training
* In matches do the right things for your game
* In matches do the things you have trained on, which you know work
* Train the mind to deal with problems/tactics
* Why, where, how and when do you lose/win points
• Understand the current science of the game and balance this with your own style and how you play
• Understand that even at National level those in charge don’t necessarily have the players and their development at the core of their planning. Corporate interests, company habits and personal preferences built over decades often take priority
• Always bear in mind for your own progress that marginal gains (a number of small improvements in different areas) will lead to a bigger overall success
• Remember too that eventual success is built on many failures, the greatest players take this on board and use it

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