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This website contains over 350 articles on our great sport of table tennis broken down into a number of main categories, which can be found in the 'Articles' menu in the left-hand column of every page, each main category is further broken down into sub-categories for easier access. There is a search facility and a summary of all the articles also found in the same menu.

Updated on a fairly regular basis, the site is aimed at both coaches and players.

70+ Years of Distilled Table Tennis Experience

With some seventy year’s involvement in table tennis in many countries and on three continents Rowden wishes to establish here a site which will be useful to both coaches and players at all levels.

Most of the articles are Rowden's own work; where articles have come from elsewhere the author is credited. Rowden will be happy to include any articles found elsewhere which are of value and to acknowledge the author.


You can comment on any article; discussion on any of the points made is very welcome. You will need to register for an account first.

If you have an article which you feel will inspire us all then, please, let’s have it.

To you professors of English out there, if you spot grammatical or spelling errors please let us know.

To the professors of ballistics or physics if you feel articles need more depth or technical information your input will be welcome.

To those of you who find any problems in navigating the site or in accessing material, please let us know to give us the chance to put things right.

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