Success Goals and Controls

Rowden January 2020

• If you drive through life without goals, you’ll never know where you might end up, or you may well end up somewhere you really don’t want to be.

• You need a purpose in life, goals and aims, which you can work towards.
• If you are always pursuing your next goal, you are motivated and energised and with this come growth and self-development.
• List your goals in terms of time, short-term (one month or less), medium-term (one month to one year) and long-term (one year plus). Try also to give yourself a time line (how long each goal will take to achieve).
• Write why next to each goal, why you are committed to achieving this and how it fits in with your total developmental plan.
• Monitor your goals and time lines and make alterations where necessary. Every week write down one action which can help you realise your goal or achieve it quicker.

Deal with Defeat

• At any one moment in your life/career do the best you can with the skills you have right now.
• Always note down what you learn from defeat so you can change something next time.
• Always keep your successes in the front of your mind, this is important and gives you confidence.
• Stay focussed on the final goals, don’t dwell on short-term setbacks or problems.
• Never give up, the quality of most champions is their stubbornness, they might sometimes lose but they always fight right to the end.
• Always look confident, it doesn’t matter how you feel, the opponent sees your outside.
• Don’t be too passive, psyche yourself up, if the opponent sees you really want to win they will be more afraid. Even if you feel tired and weak, energise yourself, jump-start your body and your mind will benefit.

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