Think Big

Rowden Fullen 1980s

  • Good fortune is not the result of luck – but of preparation, planning and success-producing thinking.
  • Action cures fear, inaction destroys confidence.
  • Put only positive thoughts into your memory.
  • Put people into perspective – try to understand others.
  • Do what your conscience tells you is right. Be human.
  • Project confidence, concentrate on your assets.
  • To think confidently, act confidently, look important.
  • See what can be, not what is.
  • Realize what you do is important, focus on the big objectives.
  • Believe it can be done, invest in yourself – build the mind.
  • Experiment, be receptive to new ideas.
  • Ask daily – ‘How can I do more and do it better?’
  • Practise listening, look for the good in others.
  • How we think is affected by the group we are in. Be in the right group.
  • Diet makes the mind. Think right.
  • Don’t let others hold you back. Don’t be pulled down by negative attitudes around you. People who tell you it can’t be done are small-minded, unsuccessful people.
  • Be enthusiastic. Think progress, high standards in all you do.
  • How you think when you fail, determines how long it will be until you win.
  • Act, be a doer. Never wait till conditions are perfect. They may never be. When you act you get the mind moving.
  • Ideas only have value when you act on them.
  • Think now, tomorrow, next week is failure. Be a ‘now’ person.
  • Be stubborn, never give up, persist but experiment.
  • There’s a good side to every situation, find it.
  • Have clear goals and stay with them. Never surrender a goal, take detours. A detour is only another route.
  • Let your major goal be your automatic guide, when you are totally absorbed you will make the right decisions.
  • Take one step at a time. Each one a little nearer the goal.
  • In the end life is a contest against yourself. Beat yourself and you walk away tall no matter where you finish.
  • Managed solitude pays off. Find time to confer with yourself.

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