Techniques, Rules and Systems

Rowden September 2020

Science is in a similar position to our sport of table tennis. Its practical limits are becoming apparent; it can tell us how to make things but not how to use them.

To Walk on Water You need first to get out of the Boat

Rowden March 2020

The boat is a safe place, but there’s more to life than sitting and being safe. We are made for something more than just avoiding failure.

Success Goals and Controls

Rowden January 2020

• If you drive through life without goals, you’ll never know where you might end up, or you may well end up somewhere you really don’t want to be.

Success Body and Mind

Rowden January 2020

• There is a direct link between your body and your mind. The same blood flows through both, through the physical body and also the brain. If you don’t look after your body the mind suffers, your physical state affects the mind, your mental state.

Produce the Champion

November 2019 Rowden

Many coaches and other experts involved in sport think that you must keep moving with the times and that only current science and technology have anything to offer.

The Long Serve and Plastic

Rowden September 2019

Even with less spin, the long serve can be very effective with the plastic ball, provided you observe certain parameters.

Small Gains and Alternatives

Rowden September 2019

The success of Sir David Brailsford in British cycling is truly legendary. One of the main planks of his success is ‘marginal gains’, the idea that if you break down a big goal into small parts and improve on each of them, you will deliver a huge increase when you put them all together.

Attitude and Doubt

Rowden August 2019

• Doubt is in your mind, just a question of thought, change it
• The more you doubt, the more progress is crippled
• Doubt starts in the mind, but is then transferred to and takes over the body

Women with Plastic

Rowden July 2019

July 2019 Women Forward Development with Plastic


Rowden July 2019

• How you play should be simple to learn

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