Spin Efficiency with Plastic

Rowden November 2016

When changes occur in the fabric of our sport it’s not only crucial to consider changes which will occur in tactics and strategy, but also to look at the implications from a scientific viewpoint. Unfortunately the science of table tennis is an aspect to which we often do not attach enough importance.

Plastic Ball and Balance of Basic Elements

Rowden November 2016

Speed and power are now the basic elements, spin is dramatically reduced and is no longer a prime component, rather it enhances the other elements. If you watch two men both hitting at a distance off the table, even though they are initiating topspin, the ball does not have the same forward momentum after the bounce as the celluloid ball did, instead it tends to kick up and comes through higher. As rallies are longer, consistency and accuracy are also important in the total equation: power without control is largely wasted and shot selection is vital.

Speed the Essential Component

Rowden May 2016

Speed is the essential component of the game. There are 4 types of speed required at international level:

Danger of Boxes

Rowden May 2016

Not only our sport of table tennis but life itself and our progress through it, is to do with change. Nothing stands still and if we try to stand still we stagnate: we stop developing and progressing and lose and/or resist the ability to adapt. Developing, improving, growing, evolving are all about moving forward and adapting to new situations and challenges. As soon as you put players into ‘style boxes’ you restrict their ability to both adapt to different opponents and situations and indeed to themselves develop to higher levels and reach full potential.

Plastic Ball and Connecting Areas of Strength

Rowden March 2016

An important aspect which many players even at a high level overlook or do not fully understand is the principle of connected areas of strength.

Power of Habit

Rowden March 2016

Whether we realise it or not we are all ruled by habits built up over years or in some cases decades. Also whether we understand it or not companies and organisations also have institutional habits, in almost all cases the result of past history.


Rowden March 2016

● How smart or intelligent you are is irrelevant. What you lack in experience, skill, talent or strength and speed you have to make up by hard work

Women's Play and the Plastic Ball

Rowden December 2015

There have been and are many ways of winning points in our sport; speed, power, placement, spin, control, feeling and technical/tactical areas, such as serve and 3rd ball or receive and 4th ball. In the women’s game speed and control of speed have always been a priority, along with the ability to use the table and place the ball in different areas. Power and spin more the mainstays of the men’s game have always assumed less importance. But with the introduction of the plastic ball the priorities and methods in women’s play are changing.


Rowden December 2015

The main reason why many athletes aren’t able to take the final step from being really good, to reaching the absolute heights and becoming great, is a matter of rigidity. Performers become locked into certain technical ways of performing and certain tactics and strategies, which work some or most of the time, but not all of the time. But worst of all athletes become locked into patterns of thinking and perception, which do not permit them to change and adapt.

7 Point Winning Weapons

Rowden October 2015

Many players play, but don't think. To be successful at the higher levels a player needs to know how he/she plays best, which are the best weapons and against which type of opponent.

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