Progression Ladder

Rowden March 2018

● At a young age the ability to do the same thing time and time again till it becomes completely automatic and you don’t need to think about it, should be a priority

● Speed is the single most important aspect of our sport. Work at continuing to raise the levels of speed week by week, but continue also to maintain the levels of consistency
● At all levels minimize mistakes
● From an early age learn ‘game management’ and teach yourself to focus on the opponent’s strategies and what needs to be done to win or gain maximum advantage
● Appreciate the importance of having enough ‘alternatives’ in your game that you are able to create change and use differing tactics to your advantage
● To reach the higher levels the importance of change cannot be stressed enough. You cannot afford to play in predictable patterns
● Understand that to succeed at our sport requires the establishment of automatic habits. However these must be the right habits and we must always be capable of change, of being able to use alternatives. In other words the execution of strokes can and should be automated, but the mind must be free to focus on tactics and strategies
● Each player will develop his/her own individual style and will have greater strengths in some areas. However it’s always crucial to understand that your ‘best’ game may not work every time against every opponent. This is when alternatives come into their own
● Do not overlook the area of ‘best playing distance’ from the table. Each player will have their own ‘best playing distance’ and these will be individual to the player
● When you play matches or competitions you cannot always play as you WANT to: to WIN you must do what you NEED to do to cause problems for the opponent.