Thinking Points on the Forehand (Drive and Topspin)

Rowden Fullen (1970’s)

  1. Eyes follow ball on to the racket (unless ball is contacted in front of the body).
  2. Head still throughout the stroke.
  3. Aim to contact the ball on the correct part of the racket for the type of drive or topspin you intend to use.
  4. Contact the ball at the correct timing point on the stroke’s arc.
  5. Rotation of the shoulders and/or slight rocking action.
  6. Both elbows equidistant from sides.
  7. Shot played in part from the elbow through and up (not all shoulder).
  8. Fast arm action (forearm fold).
  9. Punch shoulder through the stroke.
  10. Good pre-swing (shoulder back quickly).
  11. Pre-swing long enough and quick enough to gain the benefits of elastic energy.
  12. Limited follow-through.
  13. Central recovery (both body and racket).
  14. Recovery path standard.
  15. Trailing wrist (extended) closed a little on contact.
  16. Marginal abduction of the racket hand (depending on the topspin element and which type of topspin).
  17. Counter action of free arm elbow – ensure whole body action, not a one-sided stroke.
  18. Bat and free hand equal tension – reasonably loose.
  19. Free hand level or slightly lower than the racket and following bat arm wrist (not higher).
  20. Rotation from the waist.
  21. Head, bat and ball all close together on contact.( More important with drive than when playing topspin).
  22. Back bent, humped, shoulders forward.
  23. Legs bent prior to contact.
  24. Weight on the right foot prior to contact.
  25. Left knee lower than the right prior to contact.
  26. Push off the right foot.
  27. Right foot at a right angle to where the ball is going.
  28. Corkscrew action up and forwards.
  29. Straightening of the right leg as the left twists.
  30. The heel raise identical from the left foot to the right.
  31. Left toes pointing to where the ball is going.
  32. Transfer of weight from the right to left foot.
  33. Equalize the weight after the stroke.
  34. Aim at smooth, relaxed power input at all times.