China’s Dominance in the last 20 years

Rowden Fullen(2010)

China’s results over the last 20 years in table tennis give out a strong message to any country trying to topple them from their position at the top of the mountain:

• In Yokahama 2009 China won 17 out of a 20 possible medals
• In the last 10 Worlds (Individuals) China has won 44 out of 50 gold medals
• Had both players in 37 finals (out of 50)
• Taken 135 out of a grand total of 200 medals

The six gold missed were from Sweden, J. Persson 1991 and J-O Waldner 1997 (Men’s Singles) and P. Karlsson/T. von Scheele 1991 (Men’s Doubles), from France J-P Gatien 1993 (Men’s Singles), Hyun Jung Hwa 1993 (Korea, Women’s Singles) and W. Schlager 2003 (Austria, Men’s Singles).

• In 30 finals in all doubles and mixed over 10 World Championships only on one occasion has China failed to win gold in any doubles (1991)
• In the 2000’s the only gold (out of 25) not won by China was W. Schlager in 2003
• Since 1991 (Swedish win) China have won 9 gold medals in a row in men’s doubles
• China have taken 8 straight gold in the Women’s Singles in 14 years
• China has taken 15 gold out of 16 Championships over 30 years in the women’s doubles
• China has 10 straight gold in the mixed doubles
• In two worlds in a row only Chinese players have contested every final

Anyone like to bet against China in future World Championships?

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