Coaching Summary: Women’s Development

Rowden Fullen (2002)

  • The prime skill of table tennis is to be able to adapt in an ever changing situation. Cultivate adaptive intelligence
  • Training is repetition in the right environment and with the right attitude.
  • To be a top player your development must be in the right direction for you.


Most women drive much more than the men and closer to the table. Timing is more critical than in men's play.

Care with the aspects that can restrict women's development

  1. PHYSICAL CHAINS – the right basics, techniques, tactics and movement. Materials. Play against other styles from an early age. Women’s play — speed control, opening and converting, serve and receive, use of table and equipment, stronger BH, a winning weapon.
  2. MENTAL CHAINS — rigidity in play and thinking. Innovation and feeling, positive attitude, be different. Development means always moving forward.
  3. OWN STYLE – understand this, best distance from the table, know BH and FH split, right movement patterns for your style, how to win points, right training for you.
  4. ADVANCED TECHNIQUES – short play, pace variation, slow loop both short and long, early ball push, chop/stop blocks, late-timed pushes, blocks and flicks, block play on the FH, use of angles, killing through loop, sidespin loop, dummy loop, early ball smash and hit v topspin, sidespin push and block, short drop balls, alternating topspin and drive, alternating topspin/block.

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