Introduce the Mental Side into Physical Training

Rowden Fullen (2004)

Let every training session have a mental theme. Players should try to be more aware of what they are doing, of their own actions and movements and what is happening both inside and outside. As a coach understand that your attitude will have an effect on the players and how they perform. The following can be some ideas to introduce into training or match-play sessions.

  • Aware of what is happening with your own body and everything around you.
  • Relaxed in all your strokes and actions (racket grip too). Relaxed as you play.
  • Aware of the use of the 3 areas in the FH strokes, the legs, body and arms.
  • Aware of change of pace and length and angles – where are you playing on the opponent’s side of the table.
  • ‘Inner concentration’ (How you feel, feel how you move, feel the ball etc.)
  • Psyche yourself up at all times.
  • Focus on length.
  • Concentration, inner and outer focus.
  • Think of ready position between strokes.
  • Think how you are moving, feel the movement.
  • Aware or yourself, feel how you are playing.
  • Understand where you are winning and losing points as you play.
  • Aware of the difference between the power and spin strokes.
  • Aware of where you hit the ball on your racket.
  • Consciously making the effort to evaluate the tactics necessary to overcome a particular opponent.
  • Aware of finger pressure and the varied grips on the racket during service.
  • Aware of which serves and receives are most effective as you play.
  • Aware of the opponent’s frame of mind as you play.

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