Rowden December 2020

Limits can be total, self-imposed or within your own ability.

Take a bird for example. What do you think of when you visualise a bird; usually flight or flying comes into your mind, even though there are a number of birds which don't fly. Now just suppose a bird which normally is quite capable of flying decides just to walk everywhere -- it would then be imposing limits on its abilities and would deny itself access to many opportunities. It would have no chance to realise its full potential.
Many humans do this, they impose limits on their progress. And quite often it is as the human matures that it becomes more cautious and starts self-imposing limits. For example the baby taking its first steps doesn't give up and stop trying. It doesn't consciously think -- 'Ok I'm falling all over the place here, this is ridiculous, everyone is laughing at me, I'm just going to crawl for the rest of my life, that's the safest and best solution!'
What we have to take on board is that all growth means change, which involves risk. You are moving from the known into the unknown. You are moving away from the safety net and out of the comfort zone. But the clincher is this, unless you are prepared to expose yourself to new experiences and to be ready to learn to cope and adapt, you are never going to realise your full potential. You can hibernate in your cave for the rest of your life but you are never going to get anywhere or to see anything new.
Quite simply if you don't meet and experience new things, you will never learn to cope and deal with life. The more confident you become in handling new and different scenarios the broader your horizons will be in the long run. To achieve and surpass your limits and to move from the ordinary into the extraordinary, you have to be ready to break the bonds and move forward into something dynamic, unpredictable and living.
And finally never overlook that in all of this, the first area we need to examine and realign is ourselves. We only ever achieve anywhere near full potential by getting rid of all excess baggage and proceeding in the right direction and manner for us as individuals.

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