Statistics Men’s and Women’s Play

Rowden Fullen(2002)


Younger men and juniors have a more square stance, Boll, Maze, Chuan Chih-Yuan, Zwickl, Süss.

Men square stance = 25 – 30% Women = 60%
Men receive with F.H. = 80% plus Women = 53%
Men receive with B.H. = 19% Women = 47%
Men long serve = 10% Women = 16/17%
Men serve with B.H. = 5% Women = 20%

Seniors serve tighter than juniors, both men and women.

Asian women short serve = 65% European = 50%
Asian women long serve = 13% European = 30%

Counter-play is still the main tactic in women’s play and not loop.
There is little or no change with the forehand serve action after the new serve regulations. Most players just try and move the arm out of the way and haven’t thought out in which ways they can make the serve more effective with the new action.

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