The Winning Mind: Summary

Larry Bassham (2007)

I control what I picture in my mind and I think about what I want to happen in my life.

I remind myself that what others see when I speak and act is vital to my image. this determines how strong or weak they are in competition against me.

I trust my subconscious to guide my performance in competition. I am so well trained that all my performance is carried out subconsciously.

I realise my subconscious power is moving me to perform what I am consciously picturing in my mind. I control what I picture and picture only what I want to see happen.

I am aware that my performance and self-image are equal. I am eager to change my habits and attitudes to increase my performance.

I am responsible for changing my self-image. I will choose the habits and attitudes I want and cause my self-image to change till it ends up as I want it to be.

I cause my conscious, subconscious and self-image to move towards being in balance thus increasing my performance without frustration.

I choose to think about, talk about and write about what I wish to have happen in my life.

The self-image cannot tell the difference between what actually happens and what is vividly imagined.

I realise that the problems I must overcome to reach my goals just increase the value of the goals, once they are achieved.

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