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 Rowden Fullen: Table Tennis Coach

Everyone who knows me knows that my life is table tennis.

I don’t claim that everything in these articles is my own original work, it isn’t. Over many years I have been influenced by many people, consciously and subconsciously. You can’t talk to and work with those of the standing of Carrington, O’Sullivan, Marples and Burn without absorbing a few ideas on the way.

In fact we often want to do everything ourselves, but isn’t this a mark of false pride? To calculate what we have learned ourselves and how much we owe to others is a truly futile exercise. Even what we owe to others belongs to ourselves and is part of our lives. What we are in ourselves and what we owe to others, all this makes us a complete whole.

Nor do I make any excuses where I have ‘borrowed’ from others who explain things better than I could ever hope to. What I do hope to do with these articles and thoughts on our sport is to perhaps influence and enthuse a few of you players and coaches out there. There is far more to table tennis than just picking up a bat and playing. There is reaching out and touching perfection.

My aim is to build a comprehensive site which incorporates good table tennis material wherever I find it and a site which will be useful to players and coaches over a variety of levels. Hopefully there is something here for you.

If anything I contribute in my small way in any of these articles helps you on your way then what I do is indeed well worthwhile. To proceed further look at the site summaries or index and decide where you want to go.

I wish you well in your endeavours but always bear in mind the words of the first moral philosopher of Western ethical tradition of thought, Socrates: 'An unexamined life is not worth living'. So get to know yourself better!


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