Table Tennis Player's Bible

Rowden Sept 2013

Do I want to reach my full potential and be the absolute best I can be? If I do then I have to:
• Know and fully understand exactly how I play best and what works for me

• Be responsible for my own development, I am individual and differ from others: only I can feel what is right for me. If coaches and managers try to force me into boxes of their choosing, I almost certainly will not reach my full potential
• Understand that I must always look to progress and learn new things about my game and myself. If I stop progressing and am satisfied with how I play, then I stagnate. My career is finished
• Be able to cope with all types of players and adapt to different situations. If my training is predictable and does not develop adaptive intelligence, then I should look for training that does
• Know myself and understand that everything I do and think affects how I play. I cannot allow the doubts of others around me, lack of physical fitness, lack of mental belief and strength, or any sort of emotion to get in the way of performing at my highest level. If I want to achieve my maximum and get where I want to be MOST QUICKLY, then I must give 100% all the time in every session and every match. There are no short-cuts, there is no easy way, if I want real success I have to give all to achieve it.

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