Training: Group Schedule

Rowden Fullen (2000)

 Group Chart

It is often a good idea when working with small groups of players to plan their development and keep records of which aspects they need to improve. If you use something like the above chart, which lists various areas in which players in your group may need to work in, it is relatively easy to jot down the player’s number or initials under the respective titles. This has the added advantage when planning sessions, that features which are common to a number of players are readily high-lighted. In the same way it is obvious which players may need more individual exercises.

If you are working in national or regional centres or having to report to local authorities then such charts give a professional impression. They have the added bonus of helping to focus the coach’s attention on which aspects are important and with which particular players and helping to remind him that all players are in fact different and should have individual help and advice.

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